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// Members Only

- We wouldn't want to give out all this awesome music to just anybody, would we now?

- For now, all membership and posts are moderated. Play nice and I'll open it up.

// Rules

- TAG. TAG TAG TAG TAG. Guide here

- Trance, techno, club, rave, electronica, synthpop, whatever. If you like it you already know the sound we're going for here.

- Really long posts go behind cuts. Just don't make it impossible to search. (huh?)

- Full albums are awesometastical.

- So are single tracks/remixes/eps/mixtapes etc etc etc.

- All links should be disguised: see here for instructions.

// Enjoy

- Play nice and I won't have to get out the mod stick. :3

Exhaustively long rules list/FAQ here
// How to tag

Tagging is your friend. We do it so we can find the music we want, when we want it. Don't know about you, but some of us have URGES, okay. Hence the massive organization.

As of 7/2009, your ordinary run of the mill music sharing post need only include 3 tags:

artist: [first letter of artist's name]
type: [is this a full album? single track? compilation? pick accordingly]
- simply enter the year the album/track came out. This information is readily available on amazon.com, wikipedia, artists' websites, etc etc

But, you say, eyes brimming with concern, What if I'm not posting a simple music offer?

Well, my friend, we have tags for you too. Requests get tagged with the !request tag and the artist tag that corresponds to the request.

Of course, if you're uploading more than one album per post, or a mixture of albums, requests, and loose tracks, etc, this gets more complicated. Simply tag for each separate artist/offering type/release year present, and you'll be golden.

Example of the most complicated-to-tag-post possible

// How to cut

People who use indie_exchange a lot already know this stuff, you just move along now. n00bs should definitely read though.

An archive like this only really works if it's searchable, so if you have a post long enough to need cutting, put at least the names of all the artists behind the cut in the cut text so it's not hidden from the search function.

again, visit the example complicated!post to see this in action

// How to disguise a link

This is important because it keeps The Man from being able to track downloads back to this site. And because having the RIAA come and shut down the comm does not make for a happy modthing.

Every single link must do one of the following:

1) redirect through a service such as anonym.to: < a href="http://anonym.to?http://mediafire.com/yourfile" >

2) change http to hxxp so people have to copy/paste instead of clicking directly on the link: http://www.mediafire.com/yourfile -> hxxp://www.mediafire.com/yourfile

3) strip the http://www off of the link so that again, it's not recognized as a clickable link and people have to copy/paste: http://www.mediafire.com/yourfile -> mediafire.com/yourfile

Anyone who gets caught not doing this gets banned. I AM V SRS.

// On genres

Use your common sense here. I operate under a very loose definition of trance - more like trance and most things that sound sort of like it - but use your judgment. Don't go uploading Appalachian fiddle music or anything, all right? There are comms for that. Further clarification shall be forthcoming if this turns out to be problematic.

// Fucking Awkward Questions

FAQ will be up once there are actually questions to answer. Ask them here, peoples.